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Introducing The BigSoundTM P14...

A few years ago we released the BigSoundTM P8, a board geared towards the DCC and battery power operators in G Scale. Since then we have noticed the P8 being fitted into O scale locomotives

BigSound(tm) P14

BigSoundTM P14 Features:

16-bit Sound Reproduction
A 16-bit microprocessor is used to produce museum-quality sound Cannot be matched by an 8-bit solution
DCC Sound Decoder Built-In
It isn't necessary to purchase a separate DCC decoder to trigger sounds like the whistle and bell on the P14 - this system works with all DCC systems that adhere to the NMRA spec (and even some that don't!). In fact The BigSoundTM P14 was designed with the DCC user in mind.
Board Size
The board is 1.65" x 0.63" x 0.51" -- our smallest board yet.
BigSound(tm) P14
All the effects of the BigSound P series...
The P14 system includes all the additional sound effect that were incorporated into the P series, beginning with P5, such as coal loading and shoveling, water filling and many others
Extensive Sound Library
Over 80 sounds and growing.
Simple remote programming
No buttons to push or wires to configure. The P14 is 100% configurable from any personal computer using our simple computer interface.
Programmable by CV
The P14 can be configured through DCC CV programming, see the P14 handbook for the complete list of supported CVs.
Expandable with the P5T
Connecting a P5T to the system increases the number of useable analog triggers to 6. 1 on the P8 board itself and 6 addtional trigger inputs on the P5T.

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