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Introducing the Phoenix Thunderstorm...
    Add excitement to your layout with the Thunderstorm by Phoenix. The Thunderstorm is a storm simulation system so realistic you will think you should feel the rain! The thunderstorm creates a storm environment which runs continuously once begun, during this time many single and multiple thunder and lightning strikes occur.

    The Thunderstorm operates on 12-30V AC or DC and a dramatic Lightning Strike event may be triggered by the push of a button - either the physical button in the unit or a DCC function button from your cab. The thunderstorm has tremendous output, utilizing the Phoenix BigSoundTM P8's amplifier technology. But just in case you are truly ambitious and want to truly feel the thunder, we equipped this unit with an audio output to drive an external amplifer or powered speaker. We connected it to a powered subwoofer and were blown away - figuratively, and nearly literally.

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Thunderstorm System Components
    The Thunderstorm is a modular system built from a variety of components that you choose to fit your needs. Each Thunderstrom base unit can drive up to three lightning effects from the list below. Pricing for the system is dependent upon the components selected.
At a minimum, we suggest the basic kit configuration.
The Thunderstorm Base Unit
The 'black box' containing the sound and lighting control circuitry. Includes the base unit and power connector, transformer not included.
List Price: $219.95
The Lighting Bolt
High Intensity EL Wire that you can bend, shape and twist to create a realistic lighting bolt. Includes 2.5 meters of EL Wire, a Power Inverter and 10 foot extension cable.
List Price: $33.75
The Flash
Relay controlled LED strobe light, 120V AC powered, with 10' trigger cable
List Price: $37.75
The Speaker Box
A high quality full range loudspeaker in an enclosure. Includes the loudspeaker and enclosure.
List Price: $29.95
The Lighting Strobe
High intensity Xenon photgraphic flash/strobe light. Includes strobe unit, basic 120V AC power socket and 10' trigger cable.
This component is not included in the Basic Kit.
List Price: $37.75
The Thunderstorm Basic Kit
A basic package containing the Base Unit, Lighting Bolt, Flash and Speaker Box. This is everything you need to get an impressive storm event happening on your layout.
List Price: $319.95

For more information on the Phoenix Sound Thunderstorm please see the manual on our Support page or contact Phoenix Sound directly.
Toll Free: +1 (800) 651-2444

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