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Sound and Motor Decoders
SM18 Released in late 2017, the SM18 is our first DCC compatible sound board and motor combined board. Designed for locomotives with the Bachmann Large Scale Socket. $295.00 - Board Only
Sound Only Products
BigSoundTM PB17 Released in January 2018, the BigSoundTM PB17 is our standard does-it-all sound board. Perfect for DC, DCC, Remote Control and Ride On applications. $295.00 - Complete Kit
BigSoundTM P8 Released in early 2010, the BigSoundTM P8 is our latest state-of-the-art DCC compliant sound board. Perfect for DCC and Battery Power Remote Control. $215.00 - Complete Kit
Other Products
Thunderstorm Released in the summer of 2015, the Thunderstorm storm simulation lets you add a bit of weather to your layout. varies with options
Computer Interface The ultimate programming tool for the BigSoundTM 2K2, P, PB and SM Series systems. CD-ROM contains a straight forward program with a graphic user interface. It runs on a Windows-based PC. Over 70 unique sound selections are included, each with 30+ different configurable parameters. USB Interface requires Windows 2000 or newer, does not support Windows 98SE. $100.00
Remote Coupler Driver Board Released in late 2013, the Remote Coupler Driver Board provides control for 2 Phoenix solenoid remote uncouplers, 2 Kadee servo remote uncouplers or any combination thereof. This board can be controlled by DCC, Remote Control or by a Phoenix P8 or PB11 sound board. $40.00
Remote Knuckle Uncoupler Released in late 2013, the Phoenix Knuckle is a solenoid driven remote uncoupler. The knuckle is compatible with most existing large scale knuckle couplers, including those by Kadee, Accucraft, Bachmann and USA Trains. $49.00
Loudspeakers We offer a complete line of high-quality loudspeakers designed to fit whatever locomotive or enclosure you have. Price varies per speaker.
Legacy Products
BigSoundTM P14 Released in late 2014, the BigSoundTM P14 is our smallest state-of-the-art DCC compliant sound board. Perfect for O scale and On30 using DCC or Battery Power DCC Remote Control. No Longer Available.
BigSoundTM PB11/PB11v6 Released in November 2010, the BigSoundTM PB11 was our standard does-it-all sound board. No Longer Available.
BigSoundTM PB9 Released in December 2008, BigSoundTM PB9 was our standard does-it-all sound board. No Longer Available.
BigSoundTM P5 Introduced in September 2006, BigSoundTM P5 is a DCC compliant sound board. No Longer Available.
P5T Auxiliary Input Board Introduced in September 2006, P5T allows non-DCC remote control systems to fully enjoy the BigSoundTM systems by adding trigger to the P5, PB9 and P8. $45.00
Built to Order
BigSoundTM 2K2 Introduced in April 2002, BigSoundTM 2K2 was one of our standard does-it-all sound boards. No Longer Available.
Model 96/97 BigSoundTM The earlier BigSoundTM digital sound boards, long out of production. No longer available.
BigSoundTM Model 96 & 97 Sound Chips We will continue to provide sound chips for the original BigSoundTM model as long as there is customer demand. Model 97 Chips can be reprogrammed by Phoenix. $10.00-45.00
BigBoostTM BigBoostTM is a low input battery charger designed to charge the Model 96/97 BigSoundTM battery at low track voltage. No Longer Available
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