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The P5T Auxiliary Input Board

     When we were developing the BigSoundTM P5 system we had DCC in mind. But we did not forget about the many other fine non-DCC remote control systems available - and their popularity. That is why we came up with the P5T Auxiliary Input Board.
      The P5T allows non-DCC remote control systems read analog motor voltage and to trigger more sounds and effect from the BigSoundTM P5 system. Trigger assignments can be modified with your pc and our software.
     The P5T enables those who use Locolinc®, RCS, Train Engineer or any other non-DCC remote control system to fully enjoy the advances of our newest BigSoundTM system, the P5.

P5T Board

P5T Features:

Motor Voltage Speed Inputs
Each P5T provides two inputs to determine speed from motor voltage.
Trigger Inputs
Each P5T provides 6 digital inputs for triggering sounds and effect. These trigger assignments may be modified and customized through the Phoenix computer interface.
Supports chaining multiple units.
Several P5T boards may be daisy chained in order to utilize more than 6 input triggers.
Board Size
The board is 1.06" (not including pins) x 0.707" x y.yy".

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