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The Remote Coupler Driver Board

     The Phoenix Remote Coupler Driver Board, or coupler board in short, was designed quite simply because we were tired of contantly having to manually uncouple cars in a few easily reached locations on our layouts.

Coupler Board


DCC Compatible
The coupler board is fully DCC compatible and many of the settings can by adjusted by changing CV values. The coupler board can be programmed to trigger by DCC functions 1-28.
Trigger Inputs
Two physical trigger inputs are included on the coupler board allowing couplers to be fired by non-DCC remote control systems such as Locolinc and Revolution.
Supports Solenoids and Servos
Two servo outputs are available on the board as well as two solenoid outputs.
Multiple independently controlled outputs
Physical trigger inputs allow the coupler board to have two independently triggered events; each event can trip either a single servo, two servos, a single solenoid, two solenoids or a servo and a solenoid. This allows two remote control outputs to trigger up to 4 couplers (2 servos and 2 solenoids).
DCC users can fire upto four couplers (2 servo and 2 solenoid) independently by assigning each output (servo A, servo B, solenoid A and solenoid B) its own DCC function or multiple outputs may be assigned to the same DCC function.
Can be used for more than just couplers!
For example, below we turned a manual switch into a slow motion switch machine.