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The SM18: Sound and Motor Decoder
     The SM18 is the first combined Sound and Motor decoder from Phoenix, designed specifically for Bachmann locomotives equipped with the Large Scale Socket.
     The SM18 has the proven 3W audio system of the PB11v6 sound board coupled with 3A continuous motor capacity.
     The SM18 has 5 assignable function outputs, a smoke on/off output and two trigger inputs for the Bachmann optical chuff sensors; the 2-6-6-2 articulated is the only current Bachmann locomotive utilizing two chuff sensors.
     The SM18 is programmable with the Phoenix Sound Computer Interface, program version 1.2.106 and -R12 version ROM files. This version of the Computer Interface adds a new feature called the CV Programmer for adjusting the CVs associated with the SM18 motor control and function outputs in addition to the standard bells and whistles (and chuffs, generators, brakes, etc.) that have been a staple of Phoenix Sound Systems for years.
Plug one in today and be up and running in practically no time.


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